5 Easy-to-Use Graphic Design Tools For Realtors

When it comes to presenting yourself and your brand well, one of the core components to success is in design. Design has power over all we do, and even the non-design savvy can quickly point out things that are well designed v. things that are not.

The problem is, of course, that we are not all artists. Beyond the ability to afford expensive graphic design software, many people don’t have the ability to create the beautiful imagery we’re all drawn to. Those who can, charge amounts that can be difficult for individuals or small businesses to afford. Thankfully, there are a number of tools out there to help you build creative imagery at little to no cost. Here are our top 5 picks.


Cost: Free to Low Cost
From social media graphics to presentations, Canva offers a number of templates and graphics available for use. The account is free, and there are a few free template options, coupled with a number of affordable options and add-ons starting at $1. Canva lets you edit text, backgrounds, and iconography, or even lets you upload your own imagery for use. You can check it out here.


Cost: Free – 4.99/monthly
PicMonkey is a basic social media graphic and collage editor. The free version allows you to edit images, add overlays and textures, and offers free effects for you to use. The paid version has more advanced touchup tools and premium add-ons available. PicMonkey requires your own imagery but is a simple solution when in need of a photo editor. You can check it out here.


Cost: Free
From the team at Buffer (the social media scheduling app), Pablo is another free social media image creator and editor. Pablo has a number of free images available and allows you to add and alter texts, include a logo, use filters, and size to the appropriate social media platform. You can check it out here.


Cost: Free – $29/month
If you’ve ever wanted to create an infographic but didn’t have the skills to do so, Piktochart is the tool for you. Starting at a free account, and with two additional packages that offer increased template access and image upload space, Piktochart has an array of tools and imagery available for your use. You can check it out here.


Cost: Free
If you need more of a powerful photo editor rather than a graphic creator, Pixlr is your tool. This free online app is close to Photoshop in function without the price tag. The tool has layer capabilities, color changing abilities, the ability to transform objects, and the ability to add effects. They’ve even added downloadable versions of the app for desktop and mobile, completely free. You can check it out here.

While none of these tools will make you the next Picasso of the web, they all empower you to create the graphics you need to be successful.

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