Top 5 Freemium Survey Tools for Realtors

Surveys are a treasure trove of information. Often times, they’re just simple fun. Other times, they’re great for gathering data and getting input from clients. With surveys, you can request feedback after closing on a property, or find out what is important to your clients as they search for a home.

But in a world of millions of choices for almost everything under the sun, it can be hard to know where to start when wanting to delve into something new like surveys. That’s why we put together this list to help you find the best survey tools for realtors. Here are the requirements we searched under:

  1. Cost – had to have a freemium plan
  2. Function – had to be able to ask a minimum of 10 questions per survey
  3. Distribution – had to have multiple distribution options
  4. Aesthetics – it had to look better than something your five-year-old could produce in MS Paint
  5. Ease of Use – had to be easy to setup and run, even for the non-tech savvy folk
  6. Lastly, we thought it would be nice if it would Integrate with WordPress

After reviewing many survey tools we narrowed our list to what we consider being, the top five options that best fit our requirements:

Tool Cost # of Surveys Distribution Aesthetics Easy to Use WP Plugin
TypeForm Free Plan Unlimited Easily distributed through social media or embedded on a website. Very nice, clean design. Drag and drop fields promote ease of use. Also, the site has a tour that walks through the features. Yes
Survey Gizmo Free Plan Unlimited Provides an easy to use survey link. No themes available on the free plan, but the surveys are very clean. Easy to navigate interface. No
Google forms Free Plan Unlimited Easy to link to or share. A few set themes available, but on the whole, surveys are quite plain. There’s a bit of a learning curve for more advanced functionality, but most items are easy to figure out. Yes
Survey Planet Free Plan Unlimited Easy to link to or share. Some themes available, clean design. Intuitive design and pre-written questions available. No
Survey Monkey Free Plan 10 Easy to link to or share. Clean design. Questions are easy to develop with various question types. Layout is mostly drag and drop. No

Out of the five tools that made the cut for us, we feel like TypeForm stands out above the rest, it is the only tool that passed all 6 of the requirements with flying colors so kudos to them.

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