3 Digital Tools Realtors Can Use to Send Handwritten Cards

Gone are the days of people lamenting the influx of snail mail. As email has risen to the dominant form of communication, people long for the days of the hand-written note. Few forms of communication show how much you care about someone more than a handwritten card or letter, but it’s hard to find the time in our day to sit down and write these out, let alone, trying to get to the post office to mail them. This has given rise to a new type of business, one that takes the majority of the effort out of this task so you can focus on other aspects of your business. We believe that as a business owner your goal should not be to automate the entire process of building a relationship with your clients but rather just making those efforts easier by working smarter. Here are three tools that can help you streamline this aspect of your marketing:

1. Bond:

A company built around the idea of having cards handwritten and signed in your handwriting by a robot. This is an amazing tool, and we love that it does not take you out of the process but rather takes content that you create and does the laborious tasks of handwriting and mailing it.

2. Sent-Well:

Another great company with several tools to help you stay in front of your clients. They allow you to set up reminders of important events, such as birthdays or anniversaries, and handle the writing and sending of cards to your clients. We like that they again take content that you have written for these cards and handwrite them, as opposed to writing this content for you.

3. Felt Pro:

A fun alternative to handwriting. All of their cards are square and come in a fun square envelope that you can also design yourself. The biggest difference with this one, is that you actually handwrite the note yourself in the app using a stylus or your finger, and then it gets applied to your card and mailed once you submit it. They are very affordable for small businesses and will help you to stand out from the crowd.

Remember that it is the small personal touches that are going to make stand apart from the crowd. If you take the time to build meaningful relationships with your clients it will pay off.

Good Luck!

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